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...l a few of them "prefer" the use of L1 i ... Feedback in L2 English Writing in the Arab World - Inside ... ... .e., Arabic, in acquiring the English language (L2) for diverse reasons including not fully skilled and trained in this language or often lacking motivation to communicate in L2. This research study contextualizes and analyses ... productive approach to providing corrective feedback in L2 writing has yet been precisely developed (Ferris, 2010), even though researchers and teachers have tried to "justify their faith in written corrective feedback with hard evidence" (Ellis et al., 2008, p.353). According to Ferris (20 ... Feedback in L2 English Writing in the Arab World | Bookshare ... ., 2008, p.353). According to Ferris (2010), because of the historical and theoretical trends, empirical research on corrective feedback in ... Arab World English Journal ISSN: 2229-9327 190 AWEJ Volume.5 Nu mber.3, 2014 Pp.190 -207 Second Language Writing and Culture: Issues and Challenges from the Saudi Learners ... "The Handbook of Second and Foreign Language Writing is a 'must have' for researchers, teachers, and their graduate students globally who want to know more about the many facets of learning, teaching, and researching writing in L2 English. Throughout this text with its comprehensive references, readers will know more about what theoretical developments to pursue, what research/ applications to ... The other corrective feedback like implicit correction, recast, clarification request, and metalinguistic feedback are not favored because the percentage is lower than other corrective feedback. It indicates that not all of corrective feedback is effectively used in speaking. The Effect of L1 Arabic Proficiency on the L2 English Writing Skills of Emirati Grade Nine Male students سٕقر - عسارنا فصنات ٍٛٛذاسايإ حثهط ٗهع حٚضٛهعَلإا حغهنات حتاركنا جسآي ٗهع حٛتشعنا حغهنا ٌاؿذإ ششأ Student ID: 120148 A dissertation Submitted to the Institute of Education of the British University in Dubai ... English has emerged as an International Language of the world. Many nations of the world are striving for learning it as a second language. Learning a new language is not a simple task. When we learn a new language, many interesting horizons of research and knowledge arise. The first language interference is one of them. We also name this occurrence as mother tongue interference. L. 1. has ... Hossein Nassaji is Professor of Applied Linguistics in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Victoria, Victoria, BC. His teaching and research interests include second language acquisition, corrective feedback, form-focused instruction, task-based teaching, classroom discourse, and the application of sociocultural theories to second language research and pedagogy. In Arab universities, writing English is significant in students' academic course of study as research work depends on it. It is needed for taking notes, describing objects or devices and writing essays, answering written questions, writing their compositions, writing experimental reports, etc. Further, the process of writing, specifically writing through a practical research task, also ... Writing competence in a foreign language tends to be one of the most difficult skills to acquire. This is true for English as well. The key to successful writing classes is that they are pragmatic in nature targeting the skills required or desired by students. The study included seven sessions: Writing 1, revision of Writing 1, Writing 2, revision of Writing 2, Writing 3, revision of Writing 3, and Writing 4 (delayed writing). The results showed that all the three feedback groups significantly outperformed the control group in revision tasks. Some short-term accuracy improvements were also found on new pieces of writing for direct and underlining ... Issues in English Education in the Arab World 3 her exploration of the effects of English as a global language on learners' sense of cultural identity in the United Arab Emirates. In examining the "two sides to the English coin", the author offers some of the many benefits and potential pitfalls associated with the language's increasing centrality to higher education in the Arab Gulf ... How Models from Past Research Can Inform Future Research. Blog post written by Dana Ferris based on an article in Language Teaching. The title of an important 2008 study by Andrea Lunsford and Karen Lunsford is "M...